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  Phone answering machine software  

An answering machine lets you record incoming voice messages. With VentaFax the auto-answering operates simultaneously with automatic fax reception.

Answering machine software


Turn the answering machine on by switching the modem to auto-answer mode. The behavior of the answering machine depends on four basic settings that can be switched on-and-off by clicking on the Announcement, Fax, Record and Caller ID buttons to the right of the Auto button on the fax panel.

These settings can be activated independently of each other, and in any combination.


When Announcement is enabled, after the modem answers an incoming call a voice message will be played over the line.


When Fax is enabled, upon detection of fax tones (signals) VentaFax will attempt to receive a fax.


If Record is enabled, the program will record a voice message.

How the answering machine works

Let's examine a scenario in which all the answering machine settings are switched on, and at least one of the Recognize telephone line state for incoming calls settings under the Voice - Recognition of Signals tab is enabled. In this case the answering machine operation sequence will be as follows:

After the modem picks up the handset, the auto-answer greeting is played; the program then switches to a voice recording mode, along with analysis of the line. The analysis is conducted in order to detect:

  • short tones (when the handset on the other end has been put down);
  • transmitting fax tones (signals);
  • selection of an extension or of a telephone connected via the modem. Detection of this is possible if the modem can recognize one of these situations;
  • signals of an answering machine remote control.

Upon detection of fax tones (signals) VentaFax will attempt to receive the fax (if, of course, if Fax reception is enabled).

If silence is detected on the telephone line, an attempt to receive a fax will be made, providing no voice message was received before this. If a voice message has been received, detection of silence will result in disconnection.

Should an answering machine remote control command be detected, this command will be executed – if such a command is indicated in the remote control script, of course.

You can customize your answering software using Caller ID or Distinctive Ring service.

Using Caller ID to customize your answering machine

Use caller number identification to customize certain auto-answer settings. For example, personalize your answering machine greeting message, allow or disable fax reception, or change the maximum message recording time or the number of beeps in the telephone line.

The Black List and White List

The Black and White Lists are intended for filtering incoming calls by phone numbers identified. To enable call filtering by the Black List or White List, select the corresponding setting under the Caller ID - Calls Filtering tab.

Playing the phone number via a sound device

To play an identified phone number via your computer's sound device, enable the Voice number via sound device setting under the Caller ID - Displaying and Voicing tab.

Registering incoming calls without an auto-answer

If you want to be informed of incoming calls received in your absence, but do not want an answering machine to answer calls, you can choose from two options.

The first option is to assign a high value for the Answer on, ring setting under the Reception - Automatic tab. The value must be high enough for the caller to lose patience and hang up (for example, 99).

Alternatively, disable all answering machine operation modes (Announcement, Fax, Record, and Caller ID). If your telephony switch supports Caller ID, you can leave this mode selected to detect incoming numbers.

In either case such calls will be registered in the Log Book as an "Unanswered incoming call". The time of call reception and phone number (with Caller ID mode enabled) will also be registered.

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