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  Distinctive Ring services  

This is a phone service that may be offered by your phone company. Distinctive Ring services permit up to four subscribers to share the same telephone line. Calls to different numbers vary by ring and may be distinguished by a modem. Thus, if a modem and the normal telephone set are connected to such a line in parallel (i.e. each with an extension off the same line), a modem can be configured so that it will answer only on a certain type of incoming call and ignore normal voice calls. To use this function, check the Use Distinctive Ring services setting box under the Reception - Automatic - Distinctive Ring Services tab. The program offers two methods for distinguishing rings: via TAPI or software.


This function is available in Windows 98 and Me only, and only if the via TAPI option is selected under the Modem - Interacting with Modem tab. Furthermore, this function must be supported by the modem. In user manuals it is usually called 'Distinctive Ring Detection'. To use Distinctive Ring services your modem should have proper Windows settings.

Via software

This option is available if you need to distinguish incoming rings but the operating system (for example, Windows 2000, XP or Windows Vista) has no way of doing this. With this option, the program "captures" the modem after the first ring and analyses ring information directly from the modem.

Turn the answering machine on by switching the modem to auto-answer mode. The behavior of the answering machine depends on four basic settings that can be switched on-and-off by clicking the Announcement, Fax, Record and Caller ID buttons to the right of the Auto button on the fax panel. These settings can be activated independently of each other, in any combination.

Customizing the answering machine

Open the Reception – Automatic – Distinctive Ring Services tab and click the More… button.

The following settings can be redefined:

  • the number of ring for the program to answer on;
  • the answering machine greeting message;
  • the auto-answer settings (Fax, Record);
  • the voice message recording time;
  • the answering machine remote control script file;
  • the Switch to remote control immediately after answering a call setting.

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